Maidoff Gallery Exhibition: The Crisis of Black Intellect, Art installation by Justin Randolph Thompson

Spring 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 6:00 pm  ~ Maidoff Gallery Exhibition Opening (in the Jules Maidoff Palazzo): The Crisis of Black Intellect, an art installation by Justin Randolph Thompson. January 9-28.

The Crisis of Black Intellect is a sound based installation and performance that examines the shortcomings of intellectuality in the context of blackness through a metaphoric examination of fatherhood. Drawing upon Derek Walcott’s re-interpretation of the Anchises and Aeneas and the classic text by Harold Cruz ‘The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual’ from 1967, the work is a dilution of intellectual discourse and a gripping call for resistance. The series of sound based painterly sculptures engage the viewer in a rhythmic soundscape that problematizes the international packaging of Black thought.

*This exhibition is a fundraiser for Black History Month Florence 2017 and as such all proceeds from the exhibition will go towards the funding of the initiative and association.