Summer Term


At the end of each term, departing students leave written tips for future SACI students. This page contains advice from departing Summer Term students.


Venice Program

“I wish I had thought to pack a tripod.” S.S. (Venice Program Summer 2016)

“Venice is very hot. Be prepared to use sunscreen.” Z.G. (Venice Program Summer 2016)

“Explore everything!” J.B. (Venice Program Summer 2016)

“Bottled water is expensive, unless you buy it at the supermarket. If you plan to go to other cities by train, buy the tickets ahead of time for cheaper prices. San Marco’s restaurants are expensive.” C.S. (Venice Program Summer 2016)

“You should go to La Fenice Theater to watch an opera. It’s remarkable.” H.S. (Venice Program Summer 2016)

“Bring motion sickness pills just in case. Shopping and cooking your own food is considerably cheaper than eating out.” J.B. (Venice Program Summer 2016)

“Linen clothes! Osterias are fun.” B.B. (Venice Program Summer 2015)

Don’t pack any sweaters or jackets!” n.n. (Venice Program Summer 2015)

“Everything around San Marco is expensive, therefore, eat/shop anywhere else to save money.” E.J. (Venice Program Summer 2015)

“Go out and explore, even if you’re tired.” n.n. (Venice Program Summer 2015)

“Bring a backup hard disk for your computer and extra flash drives.” K.A. (Venice Program Summer 2015)

Florence Program

“The Oil Shoppe next to Palazzo Maidoff has some of the best food I’ve ever had. The man who runs it is so sweet and he makes the most amazing iced coffee.” n.n. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Go to Trattoria Nella and try Crema Caffè.” S.M. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Purchasing an Italian SIM card to put in your smart phone is very economical—€15 for 400 minutes with 4G.” A.I. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Just explore. There is a lot to see, but don’t feel bad for taking a lazy day.” B.D. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Best food place: EATALY” L.S. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“There’s a yogurt ice cream shop called Yogurt & Co near the Duomo and it’s really good.” L.M. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Take advantage of SACI field trips and keep your eyes peeled for free events. n.n. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Stare at the Duomo at least once a day!” A.L. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“You do not need to purchase your class materials in advance on your own.” M.D. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“My roommates and I took a day trip to the beach every weekend. Trains are easy to figure out and pretty cheap. Just try to avoid strikes.” E.I. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Do not pack jeans for the Summer Term.” A.S. (Florence Program Summer 2016)

“Bring cash to restaurants because they won’t split your check.” B.W. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Before you come, orient yourself with Florence by looking at a map to get an idea of where things are. It makes the move-in process go so much smoother.” T.H. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

​“Don’t shop until the summer sales start on July 4th.” K.H. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“I find that you meet more people, have better times, and have more stories to tell when you go out and discover things on your own. Have your own unique experience in Italy.” S.H. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Take your time to adjust.” G.C. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Bring a good pair of shoes you can walk in—sandals and flip-flops will eventually hurt.” E.M. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“The best pizza is Gusta Pizza just over the Ponte Vecchio.” n.n. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Zecchi is great for supplies—so helpful.” A.S. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Close windows and shutters during the day to keep out the heat.” n.n. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Stay in your apartment as little as possible—Florence is amazing! Travel when you can, train tickets are cheap and can get you almost anywhere.” M.M. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“If you are particular about toiletries, bring your own from home. Look for the lesser-known events like concerts, plays, etc. “ n.n. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“There is always outdoor, free music in the summer at night. Grab a gelato and go!” n.n. (Florence Program Summer 2015)

“Don’t bring too many clothes. They’re not needed as washing in warm weather is easy.” C.C. (Summer 2014)

“Buy a hair dryer in Italy as American hair dryers will blow out the power.” n.n. (Summer 2014)

“A good lunch place is Passaguai. The people are friendly and the food is inexpensive and good. Pack light! You don’t want to pay for overweight luggage. Go on as many weekend trips as possible.” C.L. (Summer 2014)

“Treat the locals with kindness, try your best to speak the language, and venture out into the city as much as you can.” A.B. (Summer 2014)

“Go to Gusta Pizza, the Mercato Centrale, and the .99 cent store.” J.M. (Summer 2014)

“Bring a small poncho/umbrella, your own laundry detergent in a small bottle, and lots of bug spray.” G.G. (Summer 2014) 

“Buy a fan for your room, especially if you can split the cost with your roommate.” n.n. (Summer 2014)

“Try Osteria Santo Spirito.” A.C. (Summer 2014)

“Keep an eye on your cell phone (keep it in a zipper pocket) and don’t carry your passport in your purse.” n.n. (Summer 2014)

“Bring good shoes and a raincoat.” n.n. (Summer 2014)

“At this time of year, you don’t need to bring more than one pair of jeans.” S.J. (Summer 2014)

“Use the 72 Museums of Florence website.” n.n. (Summer 2014)

“If your roommates have a different schedule, try to switch off each night for who cooks dinner. Eating in and buying food at the market may seem like a daunting task but it’s totally worth it!” A.P. (Summer 2014)

“Use the ATM upstairs in the Mercato Centrale. It felt very safe for withdrawing money. n.n. (Summer 2014)

“Wear comfortable shoes with good supportive soles to walk on Florence pavements. Bring insect repellant, sunscreen, and a sun hat.” R.K. (Summer 2014)

“Pack clothes that you can also wear to class, such as Painting and Drawing classes.”S.S. (Summer 2014)


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