Fall Term


At the end of each term, departing students leave written tips for future SACI students. This page contains tips from departing Fall Term students.


“Gelateria Edoardo by the Duomo—best gelato with homemade cones.” L.H. (Fall 2016)

“Look at the Courses section of the SACI website to find academic information specific to your classes.” R.R. (Fall 2016)

“Pack school supplies if you are particular about what you use.” n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Bring warm clothing. Go across the Ponte Vecchio because that’s where most of the non-touristy, local, good restaurants and bakeries are.”  n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Go out and explore. Don’t be afraid to get lost because those end up being some of the best memories.” C.V.S (Fall 2016)

“Do not procrastinate on getting your pre-travel paper work or you will be very stressed out.” K.L.  (Fall 2016)

“Do not over pack. Bring a good weekend travel bag (backpacks are best). I got an Italian Sim card, but I think an international plan from home would have been better.” A.M. (Fall 2016)

“Go to OVS or the Sant’Ambrogio market for clothing. Sant’Ambrogio is also very good for produce, tending to be a bit cheaper than the Central Market.” J.C. (Fall 2016)

“Go somewhere every weekend.” R.K. (Fall 2016)

“Conad has cheap towels.” J.E. (Fall 2016)

“Yellow Bar was one of our favorite pasta places.” n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Look at exhibition information in the student lounge.” M.H. (Fall 2016)

“There is also an art store called Salvini, if you find Zecchi to be too expensive.” V.P. (Fall 2016)

“Bring sneakers and walking shores for all of Helen’s field trips!” K.Z. (Fall 2016)

“Go to Fuoco Matto for the best pizza.” H.F. (Fall 2016)

“Bring lots of layers! It was really sunny and hot at the beginning, through super cold and wet later.” K.E. (Fall 2016)

“Pack light so you can fill your suitcase with art and Florence goodies on the way home!” E.D. (Fall 2016)

“Bring thick socks, slippers, sleep pants, a water bottle, a reusable bag for groceries, and a mophie for traveling.” n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Go at least once to see a movie at the Odeon. It’s a taste of home in a very European environment.” A.R. (Fall 2016)

“Gilda’s Bistrot in Sant’Ambrogio – they speak little English but are very nice and welcoming.” n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Bring waterproof jackets and sneakers.” J.L. (Fall 2016)

“It’s difficult to be Vegan in Italy. I would suggest Vegelicious – Greenfood & Delight, Firenze.” n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Check and make sure you get the right change back, even if you feel rushed. M.S. (Fall 2016)

“Go to Dante Leather Factory for the best leather jackets.” n.n. (Fall 2016)

“Buy fresh pasta at the Mercato Centrale to cook at home—cheap and delicious.” F.M. (Fall 2016)

“There are no clothes dryers!” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Freddy’s Café sandwiches! Jazz Club—great live music! Photo class—bring your own binder and negative sleeves, it’s cheaper. Stay on a budget—your money can go fast.” S.S. (Fall 2015)

“Don’t be afraid to speak Italian. It’s worth the try and it’s respectful.  Wander around Florence! Make Italian friends! Go out and socialize!” K.W. (Fall 2015)

“I love Trattoria Zà Zà. Also, I really enjoyed the night lift on the other side of the river (Santo Spirito). I only went to Zecchi for supplies—they were extremely helpful.” L.O. (Fall 2015)

“Towels are really expensive. Go to markets for food.” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Gusta Pizza is delicious.” A.L. (Fall 2015)

“The winter is pretty cold. Bring more winter clothing than summer clothing! n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Watch your belongings like a hawk.” Z.Z. (Fall 2015)

“Get lost and step outside your comfort zone.” E.S. (Fall 2015)

“Search what Florence is known for and don’t pack those things. Don’t forget to bring clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. Get an international plan for your phone. It’s worth the money, because trying to figure out a new phone with a new plan is very stressful.” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Pack hats and scarves for Fall.” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Get the touristy stuff done early or you’ll never make time for it!” S.P. (Fall 2015)

“Learn basic Italian before arriving! Super helpful.” J.L. (Fall 2015)

“Google Maps phone app!” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Dante’s Pizzeria!” M.H. (Fall 2015)

“Trattoria Mario’s in the Central Market Square. Italian boys are trouble—don’t talk to strangers if you’re a female. Have fun, relax, ad eat everything!” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Don’t forget to take lots of pictures.” C.L. (Fall 2015)

“My only advice would be to pack light! I overpacked thinking that Italy would not have certain things, but that was not necessary, and it only made my life more difficult.” n.n. (Fall 2015)

“Tiger is a great store to find in your first days here. For people interested in alternative/foreign groceries (perhaps for dietary needs) ViVi Market was very helpful.” A.N. (Fall 2015)

“Check out places with student discounts!” F.M. (Fall 2015)

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