Academic FAQ for Admitted students


The following questions refer to academic information for students who have been admitted to Studio Arts College International.
If the question you would like to ask is not among these, please visit our exhaustive FAQ page, where a large number of topics are listed and many more questions are answered.

How do I secure a space in my desired term?

How many credits will I earn for each course that I complete at SACI?

Does SACI award Graduate Credit?

Should I send a portfolio?

What is the maximum number of courses for which I can enroll?

Must I enroll for a minimum number of courses?

Will the courses I take at SACI transfer to my school?

How do I find out which courses I am registered for before arriving at SACI?

What happens if a course is closed or if there is a time conflict?

Can I change my mind about the courses I have chosen once I have arrived?

As an Academic Semester Abroad or Academic Year Abroad student, would I be required to enroll in specific courses at SACI?

Can I take a course pass/fail or audit?

I was admitted to SACI. Can I defer my admission to another term?